Nailed It!

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I don't know when or how I began biting my nails! Maybe nervous habit? I was chewing them off, making them fragile and definitely not something you'd want to look at! Final exams, competitions, lying on the couch, or anytime I had nothing to do, I would start biting. It had to stop. My mom attempted to provide solutions such as getting me to wear gloves or giving me straws to chew instead of my nails. We even tried painting my nails with bitter tasting liquid so I wouldn't bite them. Nothing really worked. However, once I began investing my efforts into Nail ART, I stopped biting them. I simply couldn't destroy the designs! Nail art came surprisingly easy to me, and with some practice, I began to try harder and more difficult designs. Soon enough, my friends began to notice my nails and asked me how I did it and if I could do theirs too! Painting my nails is a really enjoyable experience because the internet filled with YouTube videos, pictures and tutorials with designs that are beautiful yet challenging! It's been quite a while since I've bitten my nails and they're stronger & prettier because of it. It looks good, but it also serves a purpose!

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